Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars

I am interested in running the old traveller module Uragyad’n as a BE game.

It is basically Lawrence of Arabia as a space opera.

Anyone have suggestions on how to use the infection mechanics for this?

Or should I use Jihad instead?

Aramis, you out there?

I’m here. I don’t recognize that one… which means most likely it’s from a mag other than Traveller’s Digest…

Define your sides.
Define your phases.
Define the skills for the metaplot (Invasion) actions.

At simplest, define a Take Action, Conserve, and Go To Ground.

Define your FoN’s… and then see where it goes.

Obviously, one side is trying to catch the Lawrence figure… and the Lawrence figure is trying to overthrow the ruling power.

Generally, It looks like High Index is High Stellar (TL14-16 (E-G), Low Index is TL 10-13 (A-D) Zero-Index is TL 8-9, and Subindex lower than that…

It is a Keith Brothers module put out by FASA.

There are two inhabited worlds around a M class star. One is tidally locked and a hot world. The other quite cold. They are both subindex. The hot one is at the tech level of 1750 to 1800 or so. The cold one is around WWII.

The hot world has just been taken over by the cold world. The set up is a bit like when the Ottomans had control over the Middle East during WWI. The written setting is complete with sleepy people living on the coast (Palestine) and hard bitten, musket wielding, “camel” riding tribes of the interior.

The original plot line is that Zhodani are using the the cold world as pawns to access some special element in an astrobleme on the hot world. They have assisted the cold world by providing them with chemical rocket technology to invade the hot world. They have also given them access to nuclear fission to power their conquest.

The players are dumped on planet and left high and dry. Their “easiest” method of escape is to foment a revolution against the cold world occupiers.

My plan is to use the set up roughly but have the players discuss and alter the parts they dont like and add more parts that they do. I am not wedded to set up as written. I just like the feel of it. Also the players need to pick whichever FoNs they want from the factions on the planet. The orignal module has them be a high tech mercenary cadre. They could choose from the people who were dropped off if they wanted to play people of a high tech background.

If the Zhodani are the Vaylen, then this is a world that has just been taken over and the players are trying to throw off their oppressors. More or less the winners get to choose who gets trading rights to the planet.