Using Brawling to escape a Lock

So on pg 439 it mentions you can use Brawling in place of Power for Lock and Push actions. To Escape a lock, you script an Avoid but can use Power instead of Speed.

So…could I use Brawling in place of Power for an Escape action?

Not official, but I would say, “no”, because you’re not taking a Lock action, you’re taking an Avoid action (using Power).

Ludanto is correct.

Oops! We called it wrong then. My Rogue’s Gallery Roden Assassin still won with a bunch of Locks! :smiley:

Bah! I got you in the second duel! Beg for mercy will you, ha!

Haha! Your Stance Changes kicked my butt! I got pwned - stabbed through the eye as I begged for mercy! :smiley: