Using Call-Ons and Diet Traits as Cultural Traits

A friend an I were discussing cultural traits and the implications for the setting of using Call-Ons or Die Traits instead of Character Traits. Even relatively minor die traits could have a big impact on a culture, but thought it would be neat to play around with the idea of a culture where every single person is Gifted, or Faithful.

Has anyone ever tinkered with doing something like this?

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Sure! Dwarves, Orcs and Elves are essentially characters with high priced cultural traits. I’ve created other custom cultural traits/species, too.

When Justin started our Burning Midnight game, I’m pretty sure his Cultural Traits for Dorns, Sarcosans and Erenlanders contained some C-O traits. He’d have to dig up his notes for confirmation. We ended up playing Dwarves anyway.