Using Charred, found unknown Lifepath

I started a game with my brother in Discord and gave him the Charred link since he does not have the books. As I was Burning some NPCs (and just playing around with Charred to see how it works and what Benno has to work with) one of the Orc lifepaths was unfamiliar to me, and I’ve read Gold backwards and forwards. I was curious what books they come from, because I checked my Monster Burner and Magic Burner (just in case with the MaB, I doubted it was in there).
As I was making the Servant, Master of the Weak is what stood out.

Master of the Weak is in the Wizard Burner section of the Burning Wheel Codex, and is the Orc necromancer equivalent. I believe it’s the only Orc LP in that book

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What page is that? How did I miss that?!

It’s the very last lifepath in the wizard burner

Yes, it is pg 223 right above Roden’s The Pope

Thank you!

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