Using Conflict from MG in BWG

Due to busy life I have not thoroughly explored BWG and have read bits and pieces of the rule book as time and my curiosity allowed. So I don’t fully understand how a change in one area might affect something else.

I like the conflict with disposition system in MG and that system to me would provide more detail than straight Vs. tests but not require going over the steep learning curve of R&C, DoW and Fight! My GF is not a gamer and I already know that the martial concepts of Fight! will mindlock her. Meanwhile the rest of the group needs a bit more than straight Vs. tests to be happy. Hopefully Conflict from MG can be adapted as a happy middle ground.

(I assisted in a playtest for D&D Next last night and after our crew slaughtered 6 kobolds in one round I went after the one that failed a check to jump out a window and rolled a 6 and a 4 on my attack dice so the play went around the table as we all comically failed our rolls and then the NPC bartender killed it with a crossbow shot. I really hate this type of “whack away” combat where you end up losing the spotlight and/or glory to an NPC or the momentum of the story stalls out in a series of bad luck die rolls over something that is over anyway. It happened again later when our mage cast Sleep on a knot of kobolds and all but one fell over snoring. We all know Kobolds and we all know that that last one would run away but mo he kept us in the fight while the little lizard tried to wake his companions up one at a time. This type of time wasting play has always been standard in my D&D experiences and although I have never even played BW yet I think the combat systems are way more interesting and better though out.)

Thank you for your help.


You should play Mouse Guard and not Burning Wheel. As discussed, the MG conflict system is not a perfect fit with BW.

Ok thanks. I’m busy and so are you can you point me to where this has been discussed? This way you don’t have to repeat yourself and I don’t have to spend so much time looking for it.

Here you go!-vs-Mouse-Guard-and-the-spectrum-between-them&highlight=%2Bguard+%2Bmouse