Using Enchanted Items in Fight!

If my character makes a simple Spell Matrix for the “Fire Fan” spell he has to cast the spell into the matrix. Sorcery and Spell Tax are tested for the spell at that time and any extra successes are noted as this is the result that will be used when the spell is released from its matrix later on according to its triggering effect.
Say he makes a single use scroll of Fire Fan and manages to cast the spell without any extra successes. I know from the scrolls trigger (verbal/somatic) that it will take two actions in fight to release the spell from the scroll (1/2 the obstacle to enchant the item) plus another two actions to retrieve/draw the scroll from his pouch/pack/scroll case.
How is this effected if he loses the positioning test in fight? (Normally it increases the spell obstacle and tax, but both of those tests were already passed when the scroll was made) do we ignore the penalty in regards to the scroll? Do we rule that the obstacle penalty would eat up an equal number of extra successes and if you didn’t generate enough extra successes to make up the difference you don’t have time to use the scroll right now? Or should the obstacle penalty translate into an extra action cost?

(Note that the question would be the same with any matrix item.)

That’s a great question (and good example of why the Magic Burner is out of date).

I’d rule the current spell successes have to overcome the obstacle penalty before it can affect the target.

What about the items made without a spell matrix?
Your character makes a wand that shoots a web to ensnare his opponent by taking antecedents from a dead hunter spider.
The wands trigger, area of effect, effective duration, and range can be set when enchanting the wand but the skill to actually use it isn’t there.
Do we need to Beginners Luck a Wand skill?
Roll the characters Enchanting skill? (Using an enchanted item)
Duplicate the same skill used by the creature who had the power in the first place?
(this one seems very wrong)

What would you suggest?

Ack. I don’t have my MaBu in front of me (and I won’t for at least 24 hours). I know there’s a solution for this in the Enchanting chapter, though.

From memory the trigger and uses attributes are what determine that. I’d have to dig out my MaBu to be more specific.

The only thing I can figure is that the enchanter would have to include “Grant Skill” along with “Trait Transference” to allow the bearer the skill to use the Trait he would not normally have.
So the item would have to have the required skill built in during enchanting (adding the skill exponent to the enchanting obstacle). If that is the case you could never get better at using a wand or any “Grant Skill” item as the skill to use it resides within the item itself.
However, if the trait from “Trait Transference” depends upon a skill the user either has or can develop, they can choose to use their own skill over the items built in skill (assuming the item has one).
So (again, if this is right) a wand of webbing with a B4 Lariat Skill built in would give anyone who used it the temporary skill to do so. It would take two actions to activate the wand (assuming mind meld/thought control) affecting one person for one conflict or series of tests (scene). The wand would have to be held and desired effect/target thought of to activate it and it would have multiple uses but not be rechargeable.

(To make such a wand would be an Ob14 Enchanting Test with a +2D Enchanting Bonus)

Does this sound about right?

You beat me to it…the only controversy I can see is whether not possessing Lariat Skill is equivalent to having Lariat skill lower than the wand. If that is the case you could choose to use beginners luck, open lariat skill, and then help the wand with tests. (I think this is cheating).

Remember, you would need separate antecedents for Trait and Skill…

You probably could (and should) be able to get them from the same spider (in this case) as long as you state what you are harvesting antecedents for it should be good enough. I would set the Alchemy/Taxidermy obstacles based on what you were going after though and make each extraction count as a seperate scene (so the wand in the example would take up two scenes to harvest spinnerets for web spinner die trait and brain tissue for the grant skill, Ob 3 for the Dt and Ob 4 for the grant skill (not listed in the book so I’m treating it as an unpriced die trait).
This can take up quite a bit of time and it is better done in the enchanters lab than in the field where other things could be attracted to the scents coming from your kill.

There you go! Enchanting is a long process. You’ll note that you can leave an item open to further enchantment, too. So you can build that skill into the item later when you have time and antecedents.

As to the Lariat skill, you can’t learn it as it’s restricted to spiders.

I also think you could get a much simpler analog via a test tweak.