Using Havocs Hand

Havoc’s Hand: Ob 3^ 4 Actions (page 214)

As I understand it this spell turns the casters hand into a weapon which is then usable as long as the spell is sustained. Caster need only touch his target to do damage to him.

So touching your tatget in Fight! Would require an Agility feat or would it require its own skill to use properly in combat? (Requires beginners luck or general skill points to open in burning)

Even though this is a spell, the act of touching your target with your “weaponized hand” is not. Do actions like block and avoid work against the attempt to touch your target?

As this is a 3^ spell extra successes can be applied to the DoF roll, but do we only roll once (when spell is cast) or do we check DoF after each successful touch to determine damage done to each target?
And if the latter, do the extra successes from casting hold through out the entire spell as in let it ride or just the first touch (if I get 6 successes at casting does the +3 DoF ride for the spells duration?)

Just some questions I have.

It would seem that the DoF plus any extra successes would be rolled when the spell is cast, thus setting its potency and after casting you just need to touch someone which I’m guessing is just a normal Agility test vs. Ob 1. No doubling of the obstacle required. (Right?)

I’m still torn on which way the touch in combat should go. Do we treat it like any other spell and give no combat modifiers (even though the spell was already cast on a prior action?). Or do we treat the touch as a combat action and allow it to be affected by combat maneuvers like a strike action?
(This seems the correct answer to me, but I’ve been wrong before. :slight_smile: )

You have to make a successful Strike action. If unskilled, use Agility. Shouldn’t be too hard!

So as you just have to touch your target rather than punch them, what’s the weapon speed?
2 like a sword, 3 like a fist, or x like a dagger?

Do we check it ony at casting and then “let it ride” for each subsequent attack (applying the same I/M/S to all opponents there after) or do we roll DoF every time we succeed in touching an opponent and apply the spells extra successes to every DoF ?
(Assuming the extra successes from casting benefit from “let it ride”)

Successes from the touch/strike do not effect the DoF but can be used to change hit location.

Even if someone is using Brawling, Boxing, or Martial Arts to strike with this spell they can not add the Havoc’s Hand damage to their normal unarmed strike damage (no stacking damage).

I’ve always run it as making a Strike action. Instead of your normal damage you treat Havoc’s Hand as a weapon, speed 3 like a fist. You roll the DoF each time with the same bonus from successes over the casting Ob. Yes, successes on the Strike can be spent to change location but not to increase damage.

That about clears it up for me then.
Thanks Guys!