Using Help to Advance B0 Resources?

I’m running my first Burning Wheel game this week, and I have a player starting with B0 Resources. On page 97 the book says, “Some characters are going to start with a B0 Resources. In order to advance this, the character will need help or a loan. You can’t test zero dice, so someone’s got to give him one to start with.” But on page 37 it says, “If your stat, skill or attribute is currently exponent 0 you may not test this ability. You may not receive help.”

So can the player with B0 Resources make a test using help from players who have higher Resources, as it suggests on page 97? Or does the player have to get a loan or spend artha–thus giving him a die to roll–before he can receive help, as it would seem from page 37?

I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere else on the forums. If it was already discussed somewhere, I’d appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.

You will need help of some kind, but not help in the mechanical sense.

Thanks; that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I think if you have a B0 Resources, but some Cash Dice, you can help another player’s resource test with those dice and thus earn a test. I think.

You can’t spend artha unless you can test. So if B0 resources, you need cash or a fund. With those dice, the player could then add persona dice on top.

Thanks for the clarification. I know this particular player will want to up his Resources as soon as he can, so I wanted to sort this out before we start playing.