Using mundane Fire

How do you guys handle the use of mundane (non magical) fire in conflicts?

For example, a warrior using a lit torch to fight off a pack of wolves. I could see the fire granting an Advantage die for Intimidation tests in such circumstances, but how would you handle the torch as a weapon for purposes of Fight! ? Perhaps the same as a branch or perhaps as a branch, but with Power 3?

How about a creature specifically vulnerable to fire? Such as perhaps some forms of undead? (Desiccated corpses? I don’t have MonBu with me right now). How would you handle a torch versus these flammable creatures?

Same questions, but now with dousing a creature with oil and then setting it alight, or perhaps, using burning pitch or oil, such as used in medieval sieges. How about Molotov cocktails? How about a Bonfire, and pushing someone into the fire, as part of an action in Fight! ?

I’m thinking specifically of applications to subsystems like Fight!, Bloody Versus and R&C


Maybe you could use it as a branches but with 3 of power and the fires is extinguished with a die a fate. Vulnerables creatures to fire could get a extra superficial wounds every time they actually take damages. IM rather new to BW so I don’t know if these ideas are consistent with the core mechanics of the subsystems you mentioned.

With a good idea like fire and oil on zombies, I would say YES!..Simply because its awesome and I wanna move to something even more awesome…

I’d be tempted to make it a separate damage source that hits later, like the Great Spider’s poison.

Note that swinging on-fire things probably deserves a penalty on account of on-fire things being unwieldy.

I would give an advantage die for a flaming weapon, or a +1 to either Power or V.A. (depending on the weapon and the fire source) For a burning torch, +1D Brawling Advantage. Flaming Pitch Arrow: +1 V.A. with a die of fate to see if fire continues exchange to exchange. Molotov Cocktails would probably use the rules for bombs.

I’ve never fought with a torch, but I imagine it’s pretty awkward and quite different from just bashing someone with a regular weapon. You don’t get as much out of using force; what you really want is duration of contact.

If anything, I think it would have its own IMS using the DoF like a ranged weapon, break or go out on a 1, and cause a lot of Steel tests.

 I agree that a torch would be an unwieldy weapon, burning or not it's a found weapon and therefore uses the Brawling skill (Broom Handle or Branch, depending on its size) I suggest the +1D advantage die is enough of a combat advantage for the burning torch over the unlit torch.  If you wanted to try to use it to catch your opponent on fire I would think you would have to either have doused them with a flammable substance first, or have prolonged contact with clothing/hair/skin.  (Check out the Natural Effect Scale on page 520, and the Materials chapter, pages 541 - 543.)  Prolonged contact with fire could be used not only for taking damage per action phase in the flames (I suggest Natural Effect Scale be used as potential damage dice, subjected to armor just as magical fire is), while the action phases spent in the fire count as aiming dice to be used to determine whether or not you are still on fire when you emerge from the flames (Natural Scale + phases in fire Vs.the Obstacles of the Materials in the fire).