Using Print(fu)


Do you have any problem with someone using to print out their PDF of Iron Empires? I assume not, but thought I would check since you have to upload the PDF to their website.


You are allowed to make a print for personal use. That’s it.

I imagine that it gets expensive though, and you’ve got a very pretty, very readable book headed your way in a short time…


Yeah, 30 bucks. But I made Kudzu-Steven promise to run BE no later than two weeks after getting the pdf, and I don’t want him making excuses about not having a book to pass around the table :lol:

Does this mean you’re printing ME one, too? :wink:

Nah. That’s what laptops are for (well, they are now that I have one!).

Hell, I’d run it THIS week if we had the total buy-in from the group yet.



No way, dude. You’ve got your laptop, remember? 8)

(Kudzu has his own pre-order PDF, by the way. In case anyone was thinking there was some sort of contemplated intellectual property theft going on)

I had Print fu print up a copy of my Reve pdf and it took me 3 weeks to get it.

Just saying: it’s not cheap, and it’s not that fast either. You might wanna try Kinkos…

Thanks for the heads up, Pheel. That’s really crappy service for a print shop. I’ll look at local options.