Using Spirit Animals to Create a Campaign Zodiac

I adopted the Fylgja from Middarmark into my feudal Japan flavored campaign, changing it to fit the new culture. I recently got to thinking about how they could be tied to like The Year of the Dragon, for example. That got me to thinking the Guardian Spirit (as they are called in my campaign), could be tied to the birth year of the character instead of just the will of the gods. That lead me to this. Let me know what you think.

(Edited to change it to a Zodiak and add a bit of randomness to the base age ranges, as suggested below.)


Hey Don,

Looks really good. The charts are very detailed. The traits make sense, and there is a good variety.

Option 1 seems to make the most sense to me.

Option 2 is ok but doesn’t seem to work as well as Option 1.

As a tweak to Option 2, what if you rolled for a range around a date?

There would be a baseline birth year, and you would roll 1d6 around that racial birthday. So, the GM would establish humans have a baseline of 3929. Each human player rolls 1d6 for a +/-3 around the baseline to reflect the 15-21 age span for the starting character. This would give some randomness and keep the starting ages.

But otherwise, I dig it.

It has been (correctly) pointed out to me that this is a Zodiac, not a Horoscope. Oops.

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