Using the Burning Wheel Character sheet

I’ve printed out the official Burning Wheel Character Sheets. (Thanks!)

I have some questions about how to use the sheet.

  1. Next to Beliefs and Instincts are little bubbles for Fate, Persona and Deed. How does one use those?
  2. Next to Routine/Difficult/Challenge bubbles under Stats and Attributes there are little lines. Are those to record how many of each test one must succeed at to gain an advance? (I ask because the Skills don’t have such lines for numbers. So… is there a unique reason for this?)
  3. I’m assuming that the larger Fate, Persona, and Deed circles next to the Stats and Attributes are there for the same purpose at the large circles for Skills under Artha and Epiphanies to track for Epiphany. Yes?

Number 1) is really the one I’m not sure about.


In Revised, the trait votes section said to track artha expenditure on beliefs and instincts to help guide you trait votes. Like, if you spent some Persona points in pursuit of a belief it was probably worth a Call-On or 2-3 points Die Trait.

I think Gold removes this in favor of looser recommendations to watch where you spend artha as a sign of what matters to you.

about fate,persona,deeds bubbles

page 69. “Artha and Advancement”
page 59. “Trait vote”

there is other kind of advancements, like grey shade and traits.

I always use those bubbles to check off what I’ve earned at the end of a session.