Using Traits Against Yourself (How many times?)

We don’t want players farming checks. So, how many times could a mouse use her traits against herself? I just can find this:

Invoking a trait to impede your actions follows a similar process as calling on a trait to help. Describe your character’s actions and include an indication of how your trait is hindering you. (p. 259)

It seems this paragraph is not talking about traits levels exactly (the way you know how many times you can use a trait to help in a session), but about narrative. So, do I use them one time per one scene/obstacle or following levels, anyway? Thanks.

There is no limit to how often you can use a trait against yourself in the GM’s Turn. Has this been a problem in your game?

Hi Thor. Thanks for your answer. Let me tell you that my players are criterious, so they don’t abuse this rule. We discuss situations as a group and see if traits can be applied.

We rarely see people gathering lots and lots of checks. They want to succeed too much. In general, we only see people really stocking up on checks when they know there’s a lot of things they want to accomplish in the Player’s Turn.

As long as your check farmer is handing out his largess in the player’s turn, I don’t see a problem.