Using Traits Against Yourself

The book says that you can only use a level one trait once per session. Does that apply to any use of the trait or just to the beneficial use of the trait? Basically, can I hinder myself multiple times per session with a level one trait, or is that under the same tent as this statement?

You can hinder yourself with a trait as much as you like. You can use a level 1 trait to your benefit once per session.

Ah, thanks. I never understood that clearly. The statement is made in the section about using a trait to benefit yourself but it was such a general statement that I always assumed it meant any use of a trait.

This was a super important answer, because I was having the same thoughts as you Jovialbard, that the per session limit limited the number of times a trait could be used against yourself.

It could be clearer. The Trait Refresh passage on p. 22, which describes the once per session rule, is a subsection of Trait Levels, which describes the beneficial uses of traits. I’ll try to insert a clarification in the Using Traits Against Yourself section if/when we do another printing.