Utility Belt!

So one of my PCs decided that he wanted to buy a utility belt and keep gadgets and things in it. He used his resources to get by some materials and we had our resident armorer build it for him. Everybody rolled super well and he’s now the owner of a shiny new utility belt.

Then we had the issue of how to stock it. At first, I just assumed he’d buy things as we went along and put them into the belt, but he didn’t like the idea of having to track potentially dozens of gadgets, and he wanted to be able to have a shot at finding some “bat shark repellent” or something when needed, as per Adam West’s extremely well-prepared Batman. So I came up with an alternative idea; we treat his utility belt like a fund from BW, and on Player’s Turns he can spend a check to make a resources test at Ob 3 to add a die to his belt. Currently he has two “belt dice.” He can then roll his belt dice pool to see if he has a particular gadget in a given situation. (A running gag is that everything in his belt is bat-shaped and named appropriately, and he managed an Ob 2 roll to see if he had a collapsible hatchet–a “batchet”–to help him escape from a burning store. He did.) If he fails a roll, then the belt pool is taxed by the margin of failure and he’ll need to spend checks to restock it.

So far it’s been working pretty well, and we’ve also been using Let It Ride from BW so that he’ll have any gear he can conjure up for the rest of the session. Does anybody have any ideas for some Obs for gadgets? I’ve been kind of winging it and I was hoping to get some input so that I can be consistent, fair, and challenging.

I guess you could just set the ob to whatever the player might need to succeed if he had the appropriate skill in the scenario.

For example the player may have no skill in apiarist but could use the belt dice to see if he has a powder that could placate a hive of bees. The OB would be set at five just like he did have the skill.

Come to think of it, this could be a really good way to involve a magic system into the game…if one so desired.