Utter devotion

A question about the Minotaur Utter Devotion ability: is it an additional goal? Or does it replace the regular goal? And how are rewards handled?

At the beginning of a session when you set your goal. It uses the same rules as any other goal.

Ok, so in the beginning of the session, he waits until everyone else makes their goals, then picks one to tie this ability to. His goal is then to help that player else reach their goal.

If that player succeeds in their goal, the minotaur succeeds in his and then picks a new goal.

Should the new goal tie to another player’s goal that has not been accomplished? Is he allowed to pick his own goals with the drawback that his actions won’t necessarily be within his Nature? (like when using the UD ability.)

If he accomplishes/works towards multiple goals (helps more than one player reach their goals, helps one, then does one of his own or helps accomplish one then works towards another), does he earn multiple rewards?

The minotaur’s goal would be “Help <character x> reach their goal.”

The benefit is simply that any task directly related to the goal is within the minotaur’s “Serving (a Master)” Nature. That’s it. No multiple goals or multiple rewards. The goal rules are exactly the same as another character’s.

So if Sheila the thief writes a goal: “Kill the Evil Priestess,” the minotaur’s goal could be: “Help Sheila kill the evil priestess.” When Sheila is in a kill conflict with the priestess, any action the minotaur takes during the conflict is within its Nature. If the priestess is killed, both Sheila and the minotaur would write a new goal at the start of the next session. The minotaur may help Sheila, another character or create its own goal.

Got it. Thanks for the quick response.

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