Valid use of Resources?

I’m listening to Adam Koebel’s Roll20 BW series 3 actual play, and in it the character Ludwig often makes a series of tests to boost the dice he has for a resources test:

  1. Test resources to generate a small account of cash, C1
  2. Test resources plus C1 to generate a fund, F1
  3. Test Resources plus F1 to generate more cash, C2
  4. Test resources plus C2 to generate another larger fund, F2

And so on until he has a large a large enough fund to make failing the target resource test unlikely.

Is this valid?
I especially wonder about using a fund that draws on your own resources as a bonus to test the very same resources that generated it…


As long as the intents are good, this seems very legit.

We used a massive pile of cash to found a bank in a city — amounting to something like a 20 die fund.

If you think of wealth in Burning Wheel terms, you must imagine that these potentates have funds that they jealously guard. But, since this is an age of specie and hard currency, these funds must be physically located somewhere! Thus they can be absconded with, lost in a fire, captured in battle. All good grist for adventure.


Ok cheers Luke! Good to know that it isn’t against what is intended by the rules.

I think one of the overlooked questions in most BW Resource tests is time. Every roll/intent you describe is valid (for default in-game circumstances), but…If you do that set of rolls, using the cash to generate the fund takes time, investments, negotiations, etc. Then using the Resources + Fund takes more time, etc. etc.


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