Value of treasure: do you tell players up front?

This might be covered somewhere and I just missed it, but I didn’t see it stated outright. I’m wondering if players need to get to town before they know what their treasure is worth, or if the GM just tells them up front. For instance, the ewer in Skogenby, is worth 3D and takes up 3 slots. The module says they have to examine it closely to see it’s made of silver, but after that, can I just tell them it’s worth 3 cash dice, or is there another step before they can know the exact mechanical worth?


(Super-excited to be running a TB session tonight! I haven’t run a Burning game, or posted in these forums, for years!)

To be honest, I do say how much its worth because the challenge is in “well what do I sacrifice to be able to carry this good treasure?”

I believe there’s a line in the book that says “value determined at the time of sale”. Obviously, people are going to do what works for them, but I prefer that method.

We wait until we get to town and we only roll when we cash it in. Even if the characters are accurate appraisers there’s still no guarantee what the market will be like once they reach town. So you really have to make the call whether something is worth packing using the knowledge your character has available.

To that end, I have no real problem with players knowing what the actual dice roll is. (e.g. 2d3, etc) It might be interesting to experiment with an Appraiser skill that could, if successful, add a +1 to such rolls on occasion.

A bit of strategic Haggling is a good way to make sure you get a good return on that stuff, in any case.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of the published modules for Torchbearer use pre-determined treasure values as well.