Has anybody played BE with human on human? What I mean by this is that the planet is being contested by only humans. The vaylen do not play a role. In a way this is hacking the game.

My question is how did you set the dispositions? For example the fact that the world is predominantly water does not make a difference if both are human. Did you just arbitrarily set the dispositions and go from there?

Looks like I’m about to… next week is off due to a funeral, then we do campaign burning.
We might be doing BWR, instead. we shall see.

Yup. The group who’s destabilizing the planet counts as Vaylen. The group fighting for security is Human.


A few of the dispo modifiers have to do with the differences between humans and vaylen (the water-world one as well as some of the alien life form ones) but most of them deal with the stability and security of the planet, the ease of smuggling, and other factors that work to the advantage of human insurgents/invaders just as much as worm-ridden ones. Just use the dispos as written (giving the Vaylen numbers to the counts-as-Vaylen destabilizing human force), it won’t make enough of a difference to matter.

My basic plan, subject to contact with the players, is to do some form of jihad against the world. A group that is both ethnic and distinctive. Since my players have not read it, I’m thinking of using the group in Doohan’s The Flight Engineer series… but it’s gonna be two weeks before I know.