Vaylen Body Co-ops

Is it possible for one Naiven to use a body previously used by a different worm, which is presumably off in another body?

Sub-question…what would be a fair rate for renting a host body out to visiting Vaylen…Anyone want to purchase a Time share on the back side of Kaladar IV? Nice little farm boy with a view of the ocean.

I do believe it mentions somewhere in the character burner that when a vaylen switches settings/caste there old body is lost to another vaylen unless they pay a resource fee.
That would imply that host bodies are multi-vaylen-compatible.

As for renting bodies…
page 192 says a Human body is an ob 3 resource test. For renting I would say lower it to 2 and make a test every month/every few sessions.

weird concept though.


Sure. Kolja read my intent correctly. Chris, you can feel free to chime in if you have any further comments on that.


The naiven’s resin network is constructed over time (very basic connections at first, focussing on gaining control, followed by additional connections to subtler functions later). So the network to some degree is individualized… reflecting the quirks of the vaylen (naiven + human) mind that built it. How that quirkiness would affect a new naiven jumping into the driver’s seat, I’ll leave to you. It would be a subtle effect though, nothing to do with motor control or any of the basics stuff. More like getting into a rental car and having all the controls moved around into unusal configurations: “It’s raining, and I can’t find the control for the wipers, I just keep turning the radio on and off…”


"It’s those damn Meshhen rentals you have to look out for. You can never figure out the quirks. You get into one thinking you’re going to take a little drive down to the shop, then you realize you can’t access the memories on how to drive and put the bloody thing into a tree!

And it’s not just that, it’s the small stuff too. They get these things all wired up backwards with the dominant side on the left and you’re used to doing stuff on the right, so you go to shake hands and there you are with the wrong hand flapping in the wind.

By far though, the personal ‘ticks’ are the worst! Why on earth they feel the need to stretch out into the autonomic systems is beyond me…try having a civilized conversation with the locals when your diapham keeps making you hic-up every five minutes while at the same time your left eye is twitching like an electrified Makara!

They say it’s the pleasure of sensation, but take my word for it, a nice Vibhuuten hull will be a little more expensive, but it’s a much safer ride and far easier for the novice to control."

-Excerpt from “The Amedhyen’s Guide to Seeing the Core Worlds on 200 Credits a Day or Less”


Ha ha ha.

Hmmm… why is my left eye ticking and my right hand flapping in the wind?


Thanks all. I have to say it is a tribute to the awesomeness of Burning/Iron Empires that I can suspend my disbelief of “crawls into the head and controls” style aliens. The whole double mind, with the worm born pseudo-human sapience one in control, is worth temporarily setting aside my schooling and going with it.

Also, the idea that a Sleeper might get “upgraded” by getting a more experienced worm in the skull at the cost of being subtly different opens up quite a few cool possibilities. Must convince current group or find another to play BE with…