Vaylen Burning


Quick question:

So the Vaylen have a “human” lifepath (for getting a human host) and a Vaylen Setting (for going into human space and bringing it down).

Many of the paths in the Vaylen Setting have an “any human lifepath” restriction. But if you’re in any of the Vaylen Setting paths, don’t you also have a human body and thus meet the requirement?

i.e. My vaylen becomes a Spacer. Can he now move on to Sleeper or Captain because he has a human body and is in the human caste by default?

It isn’t entirely clear

Note that Human is capitalized in those instances in the book. “Human” in this case refers to Human Caste.



So you can be in a human body but still not be Human Caste. Interesting. Given the premium Vaylen place on the human form I thought the two would be linked.


Yup. The Human Caste is the “noble” setting among the Vaylen. It is reserved for the most powerful among the Clans.

The Vaylen setting consists of ‘Fingers,’ that is, ambitious Vaylen (or those who have been exiled) who infiltrate real human society in exchange for a human body that would often be otherwise unavailable to them. Of course, Human Caste Vaylen also sometimes go into the Vaylen Setting, so they may personally oversee their Clan’s efforts to expand its powerbase. Rhiannon, from Sheva’s War, would be an example of the latter type.