Vaylen Setting and bodies question

Hey all–first-post question here.

Does the Vaylen Setting require a human body? The rules talk about how going back and forth between Human Caste and Vaylen Setting lets you keep the same body, suggesting that going between any other settings requires a body-swap. But then, only the Caste settings are explicitly called out as being body-specific. If I burn a Vaishyen and want it to show up in human space in its creepy bug body, am I limited to Vaishyen Caste paths, or can I take a Vaylen Setting path for my final LP?

The Vaylen setting is for human bodies. Human bodies are the most sought after bodies among the Vaylen because they are the most intelligent and offer the greatest range of experiences and memories. Only an elite few get access to them.

However, if I remember correctly (and it’s been quite a while since I looked at the Vaylen resources list), I believe you have the option of purchasing a spare body when burning a vaylen.

If your last LP is in the Vaylen setting, you start with a human body. Pg 192 describes the rules for starting with additional bodies. You can buy a Vaishyen body for 2rps, and it’ll have skills from the Vaishyen LPs.