Vaylen sleeper mindset

“…To then continue to live out that life in the midst of the human’s unwitting friends and family is pure ecstasy.” (p. 182)

Riffing of that statement, it would seem that a Vaylen sleeper would very much enjoy her life of being immersed in human society for years on end. In fact, she might not want it to change. What do you guys think prevents a selfish Vaylen sleeper from turning her back on her race and just enjoying human life to the fullest? Is it loyalty to clan? A desire to show her offspring the same delights? Fear of reprisal?

Or is a Vaylen sleeper’s life not so great - do they wish for the opportunity to take more hosts, or prefer life in the weird caricature of human society represented by the Human setting lifepaths?


FYI this is in regards to Anara Lientis, my Vaylen sleeper FoN (NPC). I got her first two beliefs done in collaboration with the players, now just trying to wrap my head around the character and make the final belief really pop.

here are the first two:
[ul]The beauty of Koros is polluted by the presence of the Kernn. We will use them to our advantage, then eradicate them. (There is a Kernn Diazpherah faction, and one of the players is a ghetto sheef, so this should be interesting.)

Hardin (psychologist PC) is a genius and the rightful leader of the planet. He must be won over to my side - without hulling, for it would ruin his perfect mind (i.e. she values his psychology).

All of the above, yeah. Especially wanting a better life for your offspring. Also, though… Sure, having a human mind is great after not having one. But eventually, you start to want to feel things like safety, honesty, kinship, and so on. Feelings that you’ll never experience while hiding out deep undercover on a world that hates you.

Here, have one of my trademark half-assed analogies: All Vaylen are potential gourmets. Most of them have to eat only soy mash. A few of the richest get to eat anything they want, whenever they want. Now, imagine you’re offered a position as taste-tester, with potential promotion to rich person as a reward for faithful service. The gamble becomes, do I stay here and eat as much ice cream (or whatever specific product you’re testing) as I want, or do I buck for the real prize? Now add in the tremendous moral weight of the role, and you see why just quitting the game isn’t the dominant option (though it is one! And a fun one for a story! So if it fits, do it, and tell us how it goes).

Exiled sorts probably want to lie low, if only because there is no guarantee that any sort of back-up is coming. While I suppose you could spawn enough to take a planet, without the force of an invasion it would be a very slow and very difficult process.

Likewise with sleepers sent very far away.

While it is canon that Vaylen don’t fight amongst themselves, I can see some who have been among humans for a long while with no support from their own trying to squash an infiltration—preferably without revealing its true nature. Once the cat is out of the bag I bet they’d jump on board; if only because if the planet is looking for Vaylen, they’re boned.

Plus, one might accidently get put into the head of a sociopath or psychotic. At that point, well, the Vaylen may have some very strange ideas about what constitutes aiding the species.

I believe one of my friends is playing a VERY strong willed psychologist/inquisitor who voluntarily underwent hulling so he could ‘understand the demons’. The poor young naiven was totally overwhelmed by his force of personality, and is under the delusion that it really is a demon, but an enlightened demon that understands the river of fire. And it knows other demons are not so enlightened, so it has dedicated itself to hunting vaylen to save the souls it can, and possibly acheive redemption and re-enter the wheel. Poor skitzoid naiven… I believe the character is now at will 8 or something else totally gross…