Veer Imp

A 7-foot tall, 1-foot wide stretched albino humanoid that eats worked metals, Veer Imps are fiercely solitary, but collect abandoned, unwanted, and lost infants of all sentient races to raise up as Veer Imps. Veer Imps disappear from sight if they turn perpendicular to an observer.

Might: 4
Nature: 5 (Stalking, Filching, Spooking)

Trick: 12
Feint: +1D Limited Telepathy
Maneuver: +1D Limited Telepathy

Drive Off: 7
Attack: +2D Horrifying Appearance

Pursue: 5
Attack: +1D Long Stride
Feint: +1D Sideways Invisitibility

Kill: 3
Defend: +1D Sideways Invisibility

Instinct: Always wear intruders down until I can consume their worked metals.

I’ve never heard of these, but they sound really freaky. Why don’t they get the sideways invisibility in drive off conflicts? And maybe as a feint in flee/pursue?

Yeah, that absolutely makes sense for the feint in flee/pursue. I’ll add that now. What would you recommend it for in drive off? Attack? Defend? Maneuver?

You’ve never heard of them because I made them up. Sometimes I think it’s important for PCs to encounter something totally unfamiliar and unexpected.

I thought that might be the case, but I didn’t want to expose my noobiness if it was a mainstream D&D monster everybody knows. :slight_smile:

I think sideways invisibility would be great for Maneuver in both drive off and kill conflicts, which I see as pretty similar. Defend makes sense too, though. In both cases you lose track of the imp for a moment. For maneuver he uses that moment to move… behind you!