Vehicle Sheet

Here’s a sheet I made to help with vehicle combat and to record details about individual vehicles:


Noticed that the dropbox link is dead. The Google Docs link works but it converts the sheet to the new Google Docs format (whatever that is.) I’m late to the party so I’m not sure if the new Google Docs format has altered the sheet to make it unusable. I’m assuming the main functions were the pull-down menus in the damage section.

Volper, please read the “forum etiquette” post, namely about thread necromancy.

Considering that the almost the entire Firefight section is dead, anything that isn’t a new thread is necromancy. If I had started a new thread asking this question, I would probably be dinged for starting a new thread that was actually another thread…

New threads are totally ok, especially with link backs to the original.

Also, until someone sticks it on the wiki: