Vehicle vs. footsoldier in Close Combat

So, can a vehicle engage a foot soldier in close combat? 'Cuz, I just realized they have different charts.



I mean, you’re right, the interactions aren’t really there, but …



Hey, I think it is a good question… especially if your talking about low powered sleds vs iron, or even a unit with decent (i.e. big) weapons trying to take out a land transport.

I could see the infantry trying Weapons fire, Grenades and Bombs, and Under the Guns… though granted it would be a bit umm… difficult.

BTW, that’s the worst tank commander ever. He’s got more powerful, longer ranged guns and he chooses to RAM?! WTF?! Is this Warhammer 40k?


Tianamen! Tianamen! (and this forum now becomes banned in China)

Seriously though, if it’s a partisan footsoldiers vs invading tank battles, I could see the partisans trying to close so that the tanks can’t use their area blast weapons or something. Obviously an Overbear wouldn’t be an option, but how about the ol’ grenade-down-the-tank-barrel or an attempt to pry open the hatch and take the tank? Or what about a bunch of Kerrn with bigass power swords closing on a mixed vehicle/iron unit?

Come on, Yagathai. Obviously you were not in Finland in the glory days (it is near Poland, if you were not sure). Fuck that grenade-down-the-barrel shit. What you do is, you find the air vents and hit them with a molotov. Sure, any modern tank will have NBC gear capable of filtering the actual burning gasoline out, but that won’t put oxygen back into the air. Save your grenades to wedge in the tracks.

Seriously, tanks are at a hideous disadvantage in close combat. Grav-tanks are about a thousand times better off than any tank today because at least they can run away, but even so.

That’s why post-Lebanon versions of the Israeli Merkava have half a dozen machine guns and a 60mm mortar, all of which can be fired from inside the turret.

You probably thought I was off my rocker a month ago asking about a having a person taking on a vehicle in hand-to-hand. Well you might have been right. But see, this stuff happens all the time when you let the unwashed masses near your rules. :oops:

EDIT Oh, I should also add that you shouldn’t knock the satisfaction of running over an enemy infantry with your tank till you’ve tried it. I do it all the time in Operation Flashpoint. Mostly because manual aiming the 30mm is for crap and the Gunner’s AI is wacked, but also because it’s amusing…in a torturing-small-woodland-creatures way. :twisted:

The military history lesson plus video game experiences amuses me. Like dying Admirals amuses Darth Vader.

My eyerolling point was that the situation isn’t that common. Certainly not common enough to warrant a section in the book. And that gamers are amazing creatures, they dart like blood hounds to the first underdeveloped section of the game they find and start barking like they found the grail.

Ram? Iron? WTF?

ANYWAY, BEHQ noted the absence of the Infantry vs Vehicles table when the game was completed. We figured we’d have, oh, a couple months to get it out before it really mattered. But Sean got it in the first week. That’s intense. Sean, you have officially won a prize. I’ll change your title on the forums…

Infantry Close Combat vs Vehicle Close Combat

Grenades – as listed.

Weapons Fire – as listed.

Hide – Unit attempts to hide from the wrath of the juggernaut. Tests Infiltration or Speed (at double obstacle penalty)

Hand to Hand/All Aboard – Crazy mofo units with vehicle-killing hand to hand weapons can have at the vehicle. Inappropriately armed units attempt to board the vehicle and stay on. Tests Close Combat or Agility (at double obstacle penalty)

Overrun – crushed little kids adorn the boardwalk. The pilot aims for the little blighters. Same mechanics as Ram.

Weapons Fire – as listed.

Torch – as listed.

Evade – Vehicle attempts to evade and break contact with the enemy unit. Same mechanics as Under the Guns.


I don’t know. I guess the whole thing was kind of gonzo off the bat. I mean, Its a rip off of Crocidile vs. Shark. So I figured I’d have some fun with it, plus I kind of wanted it to end, and figured a close combat would do it.

I’m kind of pissed off at the reaction to it, to tell you the truth.

"I don’t know, rocket fire at long range…somehow it lacks that personal touch. " - The Master, Dr. Who
You want people to mix in that crazy emotional edge into the character actions? Well some people are just going to go right over the top. :stuck_out_tongue:


Errata (which this isn’t) and supplements on the fly? Does it get better than that? :slight_smile:

I’m sure that you actually still do have months before it matters. Maybe like forever? :wink: Because sirogit more or less extrapolated and made the call anyways. But it is nice to have a table handy. Because chasing gummies with Dew at 1AM is a really bad idea…that gamers do all the time.


Pardon my lack of smilies, but I was totally feigning indigance.

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