Vel the Halfling Burglar!

The blog post where I build Vel, one step at a time!

Name: Vel the Burglar
Age: 37
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Hometown: Religious Bastion

Will: 5
Health: 3
Nature: 4
Circles: 4
Resources: 0
Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 3, Fighter 3, Hunter 2, Scout 2, Scavenger 2, Theologian 2, Cartographer 2, Persuader 2
Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, St. Ninian-wise
Traits: Hidden Depths, Scarred

Head Slot: Helmet
Neck Slot: Pendant (family crest)
Torso: Cloak / Quiver (carrying bow) / Satchel
Satchel: Rations / Rations / Torches (4)
Belt (Pouch): Tinderbox
Belt (Weapon): None
Belt (Skin): Waterskin (full)
Feet: Shoes

My mentor, Sister Bristen the Cartographer
My friend, Orry Rynes the Scholar
My enemy, Silden the Elf Ranger (pinched some of his people’s ancient texts to, ah, stock my hometown’s archives)
My parents disapproved of my leaving home to become a religious acolyte; we are not on speaking terms

Belief: Blessed are the inquisitive; theirs shall be the satisfaction of truth.
Instinct: Search every room for traps.
Goal: I will recover the Finger of Exalted Demetrius, a prized relic.

Vel’s earnestly underhanded approach to “acquiring” relics and religious texts is what wound up setting her on this delve. Looking for a way to get her out of their hair, her superiors set her off to go get relics to bring back home. It makes things simpler that way.

Cool character. I think you missed a step though! What are your social graces?

Blast it all, how did I miss that step? >.< It’s even the same as in Mouse Guard!

Amended! I don’t see her being a manipulator; she’s an earnest burglar!