Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap
Might: 3 Nature: 6
Descriptors: Creeping, Entangling, Devouring
Conflict types
Kill: 8
Kill weapons:
Attack: +1D, Persistent Jaws
Manoeuvre: +2D, Grabby Tendrils
Flee: 7
Feint: +1D, Sneaky Tendrils
Manoeuvre: +1s, Larger than you’d think.

Instinct: Spring into action when a victim comes close and slows their movement.

The venus fly trap is a black plant that ensnares its victims with its vines and pulls them into its pink jaws. The creature has secondary sets of jaws beneath the main ones which allows it to eat several meals at once. The roots of the Venus Fly Trap run deep, even under the face of a cracked rock wall or under flagstones, by the time you know you’ve encountered one the vicious tendrils are already moving behind you.

Edit: I’m trying to think of more plant themed dungeon obstacles. Deadly roots and spiked shoots, undead vines and mouldy slimes

Didn’t D&D have some kind of shrieking mushrooms? Those might be fun.

Weak, but their shrieks would alert monsters in the area.

Counts as a factor to any Scout or Dungeoneering test that phase?

Looking at the different trap mechanisms used by real carnivorous plants might provide inspiration:

Thor statted up a Yellow Mold trap over here:

Shaun Hayworth included it in his Descent into Sendic’s Tomb adventure, here, and it seems to fit nicely into a dungeon:

I love the image of a dungeoneer belly crawling down a strange tunnel, suddenly feeling cilia rise up from the walls around him, all pointing inward…

Terrifying, isn’t it? You can test to push against the grain, but you risk injury.

Even some of those pitcher plants could spice up an otherwise bog standard pitfall trap. You’re in a hole, the sides are waxy and hard to scale, the top is lined with barbs, and if you spend too long at the bottom it starts to digest you. Or it coats you in a poison that intoxicates you, making it harder to climb out.