Video of Mouse Guard Gameplay?

I bought Mouse Guard RPG a while back because I’m a fan of the comics and was looking for extra content. Now that I’ve read it, and read posts on this forum, I really want to play it. I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer by any means (I played 30 minutes of D&D once) so I would really like to see this game being played before I even attempt to round people up and try to GM a session.

Are there any videos out there of a Mouse Guard session being played? Or does anyone have a game running in metro Detroit that I could observe?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has already been asked.

Hey Embers, its not a video but you could try out this podcast of some Mouse Guard actual play

One caveat is that I havent listened to it myself so I cant speak of its quality of usefulness to you.

Thanks Steve. I’ve only listened to the first 20 minutes so far. It’s really helping to paint a picture and the players are pretty entertaining.

Updated link (website changed):

I’m doing a blog about our campaign over here: Illern’s RPG Campaigns. I know it’s not video but in the beginning I did a lot of commenting on our playing. I still do but have minimized it as we went along. Maybe that could be of some help.

The Walking Eye Podcast - Mouse Guard; is actually quite good, with ulitmately a quite unexpected ending in the final episode!
The Character Creation episode I have is a bit strange the audio jumps around at one point.

But the Actual Play episodes are really good, and convey Gameplay quite well. Enjoy!