Vodyanoi (watery Umber Hulk)

Looks a lot like an Umber Hulk but covered in seaweed and sea creatures and doesn’t have freaky eyes. If not in the deeps, often found as a subcommander of lesser creatures.
Might 5
Nature 6
Descriptor: commanding, swimming, devouring
Armor: Chitin (equivalent to plate)
Instinct: Ablative eels when feeling threatened

Flee: 14 in water, 6 otherwise
Capture: 12
Drive Off: 6
Trick: 9

Weapons: Giant Mandibles are +1D,+1s to Attack and -1D to Feint.
Special: Summons a flying electric eel at disposition time. Pulls one eel out of carapace every action (gaining 1 disposition even above max). May Defend by pulling out lots of extra flying electric eels, one per disposition gained.

Electric eel: Might 1, Nature 2. Flying, electrifying, writhing.
Special: anyone losing disposition to an electric eel picks a random inventory slot and if its contents are burnable, they have burnt.