Voting off Common Traits

Is this a thing!? Can an Elf get over their Grief?

What happens to their Grief stat? Fair and Statuesque makes sense to vote off?

“Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t play basketball”.

Your Stock traits are traits like any other. In theory they can be voted on or off like any other traits. However, in specific, “please don’t” is your answer to an Elf “getting over” Grief. If I were going to do that, it would only be to replace Grief with a different Emotional Attribute, like the Spite of Twisted Elves or the Hatred of Orcs if the Elf was corrupted utterly. An Elf without Grief is a human that sings good and does other things good too: Emotional Attributes are the things that separate Stocks and stop them being humans in funny hats.

(Trolls and Great Wolves don’t always have an Emotional Attribute because they’re already so different)

Mechanically: without access to Grief, it can’t be tested or advanced. It can’t be used at all. Skills which root from it are unavailable. It works a lot like earning the “Lost Faith” trait, but you actually get rid of the exponent instead of “saving it”.

As for what happens if Fair and Statuesque is voted off: you don’t look like an Elf anymore. All elves are Fair and Statuesque, except you. Maybe you’ll get mistaken for a human, or even a Twisted and Loathsome Orc?


Yeah, that’s kinda why I brought up Fair and Statuesque. If I take Grief off an elf, that’s massive, that is character defining. They need something to replace it. (In the campaign I’m playing Stocks are all bound by fate, and their Emotional Attribute is the pull of fate upon them, so if an elf somehow got taken out of the tapestry of Fate for example would be how I’d make that happen, but I’m not thinking about it).

Fair and Statuesque or Cannibal are great examples of common traits I’d love to see actually change in play. What if an elf was ravaged by magic! Or an orc managed to get over their insatiable hunger!

Mostly this question comes out of me explaining the Trait Vote to a new player and saying “OK, you can’t vote off common traits… wait… uh…”


TBF, I love the idea of voting off Common (cultural) traits. But it should be hard! Those traits are leaned on a lot, so there is rarely a chance to say “you didn’t play this trait, we should remove it.”


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