Voting with small groups


It looks like I may be starting a campaign with BW soon, but I’ll only have 1-2 players. With this sort of group, voting for things doesn’t really seem function. Especially trait votes. Any suggestions on how to handle the in-game mechanical voting when there aren’t enough butts at the table to actually make for a good vote?



Voting is just voicing how you perceive another’s character. It’s how the audience is reacting to your playing - whether it’s an audience of 5 or an audience of 1. Thus, even one other player is enough to cast a trait vote. And even if it’s just you and the GM, the GM can vote traits for you.

I’m running a campaign with two players and the (first, for now) trait vote that we had went smoothly. I guess that as long as you have a trusting relationship with your gaming group and good communication its the same to play with a bunch or only one player.

Stay cool 8)

Hmmm… I fret over the idea of 1 person determining major aspects of my character. Even if I trust that person, it’s a serious lack of control.

Well, no one reads minds. If you want your character to earn the Fearless trait, you make that intent known. Declare aloud “I am working toward the Fearless trait!” You write a Belief about it. You back it up with action during play. You spend Artha on it. When it comes to trait vote time, you remind the other that you did all this. I doubt if you did all this that you wouldn’t receive that trait.

The trait vote is a reflection of your choices and actions during play. No one is going to vote you the Charismatic Aura trait if you’ve never won over a crowd over or given a fantastic speech. Just like no one will vote you the Murderous trait if you’ve refused to kill even your worst enemy.

So you do have control - lots of it.

(Unless you’re playing with a dick.)

There’s this example of Luke doing a 1 on 1 game where the issue comes up.

I’ve played lots of small games and never found it to be a problem vis a vis Trait Votes. It just becomes… Trait Discussion. :slight_smile:

I submit that if you ever actually find yourself in a long term game with a player that forces you to take traits you don’t want, trait votes will be he least of your concerns.

I wouldn’t worry about other players assigning traits you don’t want. You can make a case for or against any trait. And if you’re getting something that contradicts your in-game actions, something is wrong.