Walking Away

We had two back-to-back walk aways in our BW game tonight. Each proposed statement of purpose was a direct attack on the other character’s beliefs. Each player felt the stakes would just take their character out of the game (but in a credible way—it wasn’t antagonistic play at all).

And they both felt good about walking away. In the scenes, their characters exited each others workshops, agreeing to take up the matter another time.

They did try to re-engage a couple of times after the walk-aways, but I challenged them (and so did the other players). Either propose new stakes or move on.

How often do folks walk away from DoWs in your games? It’s one of my favorite mechanisms—very simple and very effective.

Not very! Most of my games are one-on-ones with players who are eager to get into trouble, confident in their ability to score a solod compromise, or both.

We also me be too accomodatimg with our stakes. I dunno.

I just ran a Blossoms one-shot where one of the players almost found out the hard way that he wouldn’t be able to Walk Away from the (monstrous) Hime.

Walking away should cause trouble! It can be as decisive as a brutal win in a DoW.

But you gotta love a DoW backed up by the threat of monstrous force.

It’s true! If you wanna resist, you gotta fight! And if you fight… You get some sweet, sweet advancement! All the more reason to get stuck in!

She had Authority! You cannot turn your back on her!

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