Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles is out!


Mr. Sorensen, how does this overlap with the previously-released supplements, The Wanders and The Outcasts? Is it simply added levels, or are there additional classes as well?

I’m not Sorensen, but I’ve read the book. It is the higher levels of the existing classes/stocks, along with new information for them (such as previously unreleased weapons, armor, homelands, etc), along with several new class/stocks. It is worth the purchase.

Here’s a very rough index of WOE’s content.

Human Assassin
New Trait: Wolf Amongst Sheep
New Weapon: Throwing Blades, Stiletto
New Wise: Shadow Cult-wise
Level Benefits 1-10

Human Barbarian
New Trait: Leopard Look
Circles: Clan Ties
Savage Homeland
New Armor: Hide Armor
New Hometowns/towns: Barbarian Settlements
Level Benefits 1-10

Half-Elf Bard
Half-Elf Nature
New Trait: Liminal
New Weapon: Rapier
New Gear: Musical Instrument
New Hometown: At Court
Level Benefits 1-10

Human Druid
New Trait: Dreamwalker
New Gear: Rushlights
New Weapon: Sickle
Nature Shrines
Magical Tattoos
Druid Prayers
Level Benefits 1-10

Human Monk
New Trait: Ascetic
Circles: Monastic Ties
New Raiment: Temple Vestments
Martial Arts
New Gear: Staff
New Gear: Ghost Lantern
Enlightened Nature
Traditions & Taboos
Breaking Vows
Level Benefits 1-10

Human Strider
New Trait: Grim-Visaged
New Armor: Leather Bracers
New Weapon: Whip
Level Benefits 1-10

Dark Elf Sorcerer
New Trait: Born of Darkness
New Weapon: Hand Crossbow
New Hometown: Dark Elf Grotto
Dark Elf Sorcery
Dark Elf Alchemy
Dark Elf Nature
Level Benefits 1-10

Gnome Illusionist
New Trait: Meticulous
Tiny Size
New Hometown: Gnomish Burrow
New Weapon: Bola
Gnome Nature
New Skill: Artificer
New Gear: Whatsits
Gnome Glamour
Level Benefits 1-10

Half-Orc Pirate
New Traits: Salty, Genteel
New Weapon: Buckler, Hook Hand
Half-Orc Nature
New Hometown: At Sea
New Town: Ship
Sea Camp Events
Level Benefits 1-10

Minotaur Pit Fighter
New Trait: Unwavering
Mighty & Hooved
New Armor: Skyfall Plate
Minotaur Nature
Level Benefits 1-10

Roden Guide
New Traits: Skittish, Albino
New Hometown: Rat’s Nest
Roden Nature
Level Benefits 1-10

Sea Elf Mariner
New Trait: Seabound
New Armor: Aquatic Hide Armor
New Weapons: Net & Trident
New Hometown: Elven Shores
Sea Elf Nature
Level Benefits 1-10

Dwarf Oathbreaker
Level Benefits 1-10

Halfling Thain
New Trait: Grandiose
Level Benefits 1-10

Looks great! I am excited about this oath-breaking dwarf…

Am I misremembering in thinking that those who purchased the initial batch would get this as an update?

Vanguard, yep.

Finally have enough bandwidth and buy-in from players to pick this up. The art alone is a treat; can’t wait to get reading. Thanks, Jared!

Cool! Be sure to let Jon know @calamityjon on Twitter.