Im just starting out with Torchbearer and ive found info about the additional classes in Wanderers.

But none of the links to buy Wanderers works.
Is there any way to get these classes?

It’s being revised as Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles. 14 playable classes, 7 new stocks. Levels 1-10. Text is done, waiting on artwork.

See the thread in the Inn for more information.

sigh I was hoping this was going to be an announcement of the Wanderers, Outcasts… book was ready. Patiently waiting with my L5 Assassin…


Some info about the WOE version of the Monk, in poll form!

Doing this for work so bear with me. :slight_smile:

I get a link to a cartoon of a monk and caption, but nothing else but a comment section. Is there something I’m missing that we’re supposed to be doing?

Click on it Camyron.

I did. But maybe I’m just tired, but I don’t understand what it means. Is it just for feedback on the Monk? Just for leaving comments? Like I said above, all I get is the cartoon and caption, then a comment section. Either I just don’t understand or I’m not seeing something because I’m looking with my iPad and something isn’t working. Am I missing something? Or am I just stupid? (Be kind if you’re answering that last question.)

Click on the PICTURE of the monk. It should start a poll/quizz about Monk abilities and such. Try it on your PC as opposed to the ipod or such. Also, make sure you give the website permissions.

Thank you. Now it’s working. Didn’t realize you meant the picture. Thanks for not pointing out my obvious ignorance.

Don’t thank me yet. I just might!


Damn, Jared . . . those are all great options. I had a difficult time choosing throughout, always a good sign!

Reading the report and so far, only 2 temple guardians! Interesting! I would have thought that choice would be more popular.

You can also check it out here if you want to answer the questions: https://plyfe.me/h/Z8M

Thanks for everyone who responded! It’s helping me both in RPG land and in real job land. :slight_smile:

Now do a poll for Assassins. Heh, just kidding. No, seriously… :wink: