Warhammer Fighting Arts: Asrai Archery

Here’s an archery-based art for the Wood Elves

Asrai/Eonir Archery (Wood Elf archery)

Asrai or Eonir Archery is the mystical archery of the Wood Elves. The Wood Elves are the most accomplished and deadly archers in the whole of the world. The Wood Elves know many secrets of how to make powerful bows from laminated strips of rare trees. The bowstrings are woven from the hair of Elf maidens. The flights of arrows are chosen from the feathers of particular birds to ensure accurate flight. The arrows are tipped with copper or delicately shaped from flint or obsidian. Wood Elf Archery is practiced by hunting beasts in the forests. In the dimly lit glades, the Asrai and Eonir hone their keen eyesight and acquire an amazing sureness of shot.

Exponent Form Skill Actions
2 Hunting Bow, Elven Bow Eonir Archery grants the practitioner the Aim, Knock and Draw, and Release Bow actions.
4 Great Bow
Techniques Instruction Ob Physical/Phil. Ob Practical Ob
Forest Strider (Skirmish training) Instruction Ob 2 Speed Ob 2 Asrai Archery Ob 1
Volley of Kurnous (-1 act. Knock) Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 4 Asrai Archery Ob 2
Mist Walker (ambush training) Instruction Ob 3 Stealthy Ob 4 Asrai Archery Ob 3
Piercing Thorns (+1 VA) Instruction Ob 3 Power Ob 5 Asrai Archery Ob 4
Trueflight Arrows Instruction Ob 4 Bowcraft Ob 4 Asrai Archery Ob 4
Hagbane Tips Instruction Ob 4 Bowcraft Ob 5 Asrai Archery Ob 4
Starfire Shafts Instruction Ob 5 Bowcraft Ob 6 Arai Archery Ob 5
  • Piercing Thorns:These deadly barbs are enchanted to pierce armor.
  • Hagbane Tips: Fashioned from deadwood taken from the Glade of Woe, some of Morghur’s taint lingers still within these darts, a virulent and formless blight that shrivels and spasms. Even a scratch can prove fatal. Arrows tipped with Hagbane cause poison damage on a Mark or Superb result.
  • Starfire Shafts: These arrows glow with an unnatural light and emit a piercing wail when they draw blood, chilling the soul of even the bravest warrior. When a starfire shaft inflicts a wound, it increases the obstacle of the resulting Steel test by one.
  • Trueflight Arrows: There is a rudimentary sentience buried deep within these arrows, an awareness that causes them to seek the target unbidden. The practitioner may Glance Assess and Aim (+1D) while Knocking.

I love the flavor in this. These wood elves are going to be quick to fire in melee–especially if they’re ambushed, since if they have an elven bow prepped it’s only 2 actions to draw, and Volley of Kurnous brings that down to a single action. After that, it’s 3 actions to nock/draw if they want to fire a snapshot. Do you have mechanics for the poison of the Hagbane tips? And what does Ambush Training do?


Poison rules are on page 31 of the Anthology.

Ambush Training gives units access to the Ambush unit skill in the War rules (see Anthology page 56). If a Wood elf unit is facing another unit that doesn’t have the Ambush skill, I would make the opposing unit roll at double obstacle for versus tests (i.e., Beginner’s Luck).

Thanks, I totally missed those!

There’s a lot in that book. I’ve had a lot more time to get familiar with it!

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