Warhammer Fighting Arts: Fire Dancer

Here’s another fighting art I developed for my Burning Warhammer game. This one is for a witchhunter and is inspired by Victor Saltzpyre, a character from the Warhammer video game Vermintide 2. It allows you to use a pistol in Fight but not in Range & Cover. That would require a different art.


Feuertänzer (Fire Dancer) is a fighting art developed by Witch Hunter Templars who tend to fight alone or in small groups against faster and stronger foes. It emphasizes a combination of speed, trickiness and mental discipline.

Exponent Form Skill Actions
2 Bare fist, dagger Aim, Avoid, Beat, Block, Counterstrike, Fire Gun, Reload Gun, Snapshot, Strike
3 Pistol, arming sword
4 Hatchet, light axe, long sword
5 Polearm
Techniques Instruction Ob Physical/Phil. Ob Practical Ob
Two-Fisted Fighting Instruction Ob 1 Agility Ob 2 Feuertänzer Ob 1
Feint Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 2 Feuertänzer Ob 2
Disarm Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 3 Feuertanzer Ob 2
Quick Draw Instruction Ob 2 Agility Ob 4 Feuertänzer Ob 3
Rapid Fire Instruction Ob 3 Doctrine of Sigmar Ob 2 Feuertänzer Ob 3
Tempered Body Instruction Ob 3 Doctrine of Sigmar Ob 3 Feuertänzer Ob 3
Wall of Steel Instruction Ob 4 Doctrine of Sigmar Ob 4 Feuertänzer Ob 4
Iron Mind Instruction Ob 5 Doctrine of Sigmar Ob 5 Feuertänzer Ob 5
  • Two-Fisted Fighting. Witch Hunters often fight with a rapier in one hand and a pistol in the other, though they are also adept at rapier and dagger.
  • Feint. This opens the Feint action in Fight and gives the Witch Hunter +1D to Feint tests.
  • Quick Draw. Draw weapons in 1 action rather than 2. May draw one weapon with each hand simultaneously.
  • Rapid Fire. The Witch Hunter learns to trust Sigmar to guide their shots. +1D to Snapshot.
  • Tempered Body. The Witch Hunter has reforged their body to be stronger and faster in the face of implacable foes. Use Feuertänzer to resist Charges, Locks and Pushes.
  • Wall of Steel. Add +1D to the Block action and Block deflects and redirects all incoming attacks during the action.
  • Iron Mind. +2D to Steel tests caused by daemons, sorcery, spirits or undead. If a spell or other magical effect targets a Witch Hunter’s stats, treat that stat as one higher (e.g., a sorcerer casts Persuasion on the Witch Hunter; the obstacle is the Witch Hunter’s Will + 1).

This is great. Thanks for these!

I’m reminded of something I was curious about regarding Fighting Arts: Here the forms are described in terms of individual weapon types – arming sword, longsword, etc. In the other Fighting Art you posted (and I think the example from the document Luke posted in the War thread), they are listed more in terms of weapon skills – Sword, Axe, etc. Is there a “correct” level of abstraction to work with here? Does it depend on the Art how granular its teachings are? I couldn’t find explicit instruction in the tex.


I think it just comes down to your concept. I wanted this art to be very specialized and I represented that with limited and focused set of weapons.


Groovy. That makes sense to me!

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