Warhammer Fighting Arts: Saearath (Wood Elven Spear-Stave)

This is the last one I’ve done for now.

Saearath (Elven Spear-Stave)

Saearath is an ancient war art practiced by the Eternal Guard of the Asrai and the Eonir focused on the dual-bladed saearath warspear (as elven spear for stats; i.e., SQ, Pow 2, Add 2, WS 2, VA 2, Longest, Two-Handed).

Exponent Form Skill Actions
2 Bare fist, spear Saearath grants the practitioner the Strike, Block, Beat, Avoid, Disarm, Feint, Push and Counterstrike actions in Fight.
3 Dagger/knife
Techniques Instruction Ob Physical/Phil. Ob Practical Ob
Endurance of Oak (Armor Training) Instruction Ob 1 Dance Ob 1 Saearath Ob 1
Wall of Thorns (Shield Training) Instruction Ob 2 Power Ob 2 Saearath Ob 2
Striking Branches (Battle Training) Instruction Ob 3 Dance Ob 2 Saearath Ob 3
Spear of Kurnous (Great Strike) Instruction Ob 3 Power Ob 2 Saearath Ob 3
Rain of Spines (Throw spear fighting action) Instruction Ob 4 Agility Ob 3 Saearath Ob 4
Shield of Branches (Skill swap) Instruction Ob 4 Dance Ob 3 Saearath Ob 4
Eldrazor’s Dance (Increase weapon speed) Instruction Ob 5 Dance Ob 4 Saearath Ob 5
  • Wall of Thorns. Allows one to wield a Saearath in one hand and a shield in the other. Saearath becomes Pow 2, Add 2, WS 3, VA 1, Longer, One Handed.
  • Shield of Branches. Block works against all incoming attacks using Saearath skill as per Avoid. Requires a shield.
  • Eldrazor’s Dance. Increase weapon speed by one. A saearath (not other spears) becomes a spirit weapon in the practitioner’s hands.

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