Warriors of the Territories


So I’ve been getting into playing the RPG as late, doing a bunch of re-reading, and my brain started to whirl with ideas…

I started wondering what some of the other militias and armed mice of the Territories would look like, and how they would have acted during the Winter War when called on to fight.

The product of this line of thought are these two:


One of the largest cities in the Territories and built upon the largest iron deposit so far found, it is only natural that the Ironwood militia would have access to plenty of heavy armour. With their close ties to the Guard, I also believe that they would be a fairly well-trained group, and wouldn’t have hesitated when the Guard came asking for help as the Weasels struck.

In mine own head, I imagine a muster some 200-strong in heavy armour, carrying halberds and swords, marching to battle with a Guard Captain at the head - disciplined and determined.

These next guys though, they have a much more interesting nature.


Wolfepointe is known for its stoic nature and reluctance to really join in with the whole ‘society’ thing. I can imagine them being slow to answer the call at first, and being a small town not being able to send many when they did. Using my Wolfepointe’ settlement as a base, the town might have sent a small number of their strongest citizens, backed by a number of their ‘Wardens’.

The WInter War might have only lasted a season, but the fighting was hard and vicious. The Wolfepointe mice were often at the front, fighting retreating skirmishes or flanking the foe. As numbers wore down, some of the Wolfepointe mice begin to grow… strange. The town itself has some rumours surrounding the nature of it’s mice, but what emerges from the blood-iced snow goes beyond. The Wardens and other mice of Wolfepointe, the few that survive grow darker, angry - they become quick to fight and argue, and in time they become altogether unmouselike - they grow vicious and foul-tempered and take to clothing themselves in the skins of weasels and ferrets and begin to call themselves the ‘Muscarls’, after some old legend of fighting mice.

When the war finally ends, the dozen or so survivors from Wolfepointe trudge home, but most can;t settle again - they are too wild, too angry. One or two find welcome in the Guard and their frayed minds settle, others try to to return to their former lives… and the rest cannot be saved. They go mad and become Reavers, raiding anything weaker than they are until they are finally put down by the Guard - an ignoble end for heroes.

Yeah, I put some thought into that today, hah.

Anyone else have ideas for other settlements?

Muscarls. Hilarious.

What, you thought I’d be 100% serious? :smiley: