Water Weird

Might: 5
Nature (Elemental): 7
Nature Descriptors: Hiding in Water, Drowning the Unwary, Absorbing Life
Dispositions: Kill 15, Capture 12, Abjure 8, Flee 5. All other Nature + Nature roll.
Fight Weapons: Coils (+1S Maneuver), Watery Form (+1S Defend, -1D Attack)
Convince Weapons: Ancient Intelligence (+1S Attack)
Trick/Riddle Weapons: Slippery (+1D Maneuver)
Abjure Weapons: Magically Bound (+1D Defend)
Instinct: Lurk in water and wait to strike.

Special: The Water Weird’s coils ignore armor. If affected by cold or ice spells the Water Weird gets a -1D to all tests for the remainder of the conflict. Tests to spot the Water Weird when it hides in water use its Nature as the Obstacle. Characters holding a torch or candle who are attacked by the Water Weird have their light source doused. Flame-based or non-magical physical attacks against the Water Weird are at -2D. If defeated in a Kill conflict, the Water Weird reforms two turns later to full health. The cleric spell Purify Food and Water automatically slays the Water Weird.

Reposting this after the forum went down, with some revisions based on suggestions from Thor. The one thing I wasn’t sure how to deal with is their ability to usurp control over water elementals.

Yay! I thought we lost him.