Watership Down

A Watership Down setting, anyone? (Yeah, I’m still trying to find a setting you people want.)

Real kick, and room for magic, faith, and a few races (rabbits, seagulls, field-mice, Elil.)

Settings (for rabbits) would be something like; Down, Wanderers, Captive, Wide Patrol.

I think I’d start with Mouse Guard as the base. Watership Down isn’t Mouse Guard, but Nature is too apt to forego.

Rabbit nature: running, trickery, silflay

I don’t really think the rabbits would have Nature. They aren’t “still only mice (in this case rabbits)” like MG. They are rational, emotional, and organized, whereas the people are monsters and cruel abominations that gas and imprison their friends. Its a constant battle, but you never see the rabbits revert to being, well, rabbits.

But hey, I’m just glad somebody recognized what I was talking about. If I have to add nature, so be it.

Humans have natures in Torchbearer.


Steel though.

I’d say the rabbits are as much rabbits as the mice are mice. They’re not real-world rabbits, obviously; they speak, they think, they organize. But they’re rabbits all the same.

Well, I think I will do this and post it in Sparks and the Wiki.

Because I will be using BW. It may have a nature hack, and will definitely have faith and sorcery.