My local game store placed an order for BE at my request. I’m wondering when, or even if, they’re ever going to get any copies of the book to put on the shelf. So far there’s no release date. I’m just wondering because I’m about to start a Star Wars game with BW, but if BE is due soon I’ll stall until I can get it.

Game stores should have them this fall via distro. Or you can get them direct from Key20 in late August.

Also, I’ve been making characters using the book. It’s an absolute pleasure to use this book. This is by far my best design. BW’s nice and handy, but BE reads well and is easy to navigate. I’m so happy!


Ok, well the end of August is too long to wait so we’ll just have to make due with BW.

It’s so pretty :frowning: , and I’m so jealous… :frowning:

How much would it cost to ship it to Spain?

Around $10

I’m looking forward to seeing the printed book at the con this weekend.

I am also horribly dissapointed that the BE demo games seem to have filled up before I tried to reserve a spot. Perhaps I shall just waylay someone on their way to the game and make room for myself! :twisted:

What’s up Don? It’s been a while. I’ll see you this weekend at DexCon ;)[/quote]

You WILL! I will come out of the wood-work and hang with my indie brothers in solidarity of superior games! I also already signed up to run four ames at UberCon :slight_smile:

and to tie this all into the thread…

Any at Dexcon shall behold my copy bound in metal and plexiglass :slight_smile:

It’s black & white (my bedroom reading until I get the color version). It’s a working copy but I am happy with it. Abzu is right, it reads VERY well. Kudos to his editors (as far as I have gotten).

Around $10[/quote]
Dzięki!! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

I thought it would be in September. That’s good news.

I hope that in late August Euro keeps being stronger than Dollar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware! Secret Language usually carries disastrous consequences for the one that is not carefull with it!!! :wink: