Look upon the awesome! I think you kids are going to be very, very happy when you get one of these into your hot little hands.


Guess who’s holding 1kg of paper with his left hand?

Oh wait, that’s not your hand.

Burning Empires: Power 3, Add 2, Slow, VA 2, Shortest

(They are gorgeous!)

Holy shit, that’s a freaking tome! Congratulations!!!

Bu-wha? wah wha wa? Bibble.

That is one good looking book :smiley: Congratulations!

I physically touched it at Compleat Strategist. At first I was a little pissed that they had a copy in the store… then they explained it was the display copy.

What no picture with the thumb?

What?! That’s not a display copy! That copy is for sale! I’ll KILL Danny if he told you not to buy it. I personally put one copy for sale at the Strat. Did you read the inscription?


Fuck! ::runs to break strat door down::

So for those of us curious and out of a 1000 mile radius from N Y C…could the lucky owner let us know what the inscription reads?

"To my dearest Abbadon,

I can no longer dwell in this place without the unspeakable pleasure of your rending claws. I will meet with you in the Plain of Strife, someday when we can be together.

Goodbye, my love. Goodbye, cruel world.


I held the book in my hands on Sunday. It was like holding a brick of gold: heavy but brilliant.

Hot damn.

Pardon my newbie-ness but will we possibly see this tome this weekend at Dexcon?

I’m sure Luke will have his Demo copy with him as he is running our new Burning Empires con scenario.

What’s up Don? It’s been a while. I’ll see you this weekend at DexCon :wink:

I don’t know if it was Danny who said that. But he made it clear that it wasn’t for sale. The book that I held in my hand retailed for $45.00 according to the back cover. The guy at the counter said it was 1 of 5 copies in the US and that it was a display copy and also copies won’t be available til August.

I pre-ordered the book anyway, but it was cool flipping through the book. Sorry about the drool stains all over it.

It’s ok. It’s drool resistant. Oh, I went in there and got the whole story. I spent 15 minutes chewing Danny out. He blamed his brother, Mike.


Soo typical for Brooklynite. :wink: