Wealthy Banker, advisor at court


while Brainstorming ideas for characters i stumbled into something that didn’t seem doable for me in 4 Lifepaths.
The concept is a wealthy person from the city that now is an advisor in financial manners at court. It seems plausible in hindsight that this is no a position you reach at this young age. It also seems a bit weird that i can’t get to Treasurer from Banker and that TOWN Oficial is in the Village setting but i digress…

Is there any way you can find to do that in 4? Bonus points if you can include Banker in the lifepaths.

Praion (totaly in love with burning wheel right now)

If you want to get to Adviser to the Court through Banker, it looks like it’s going to require a minimum of 5 lifepaths: Born Noble, Leads to City, Moneylender, Banker, Leads to Noble, Lord (Baron, Viscount, etc), Leads to Court, Adviser.

If you want to be city-born, it’s going to take 6. City Born, Moneylender, Merchant, Magnate, Banker, Leads to Court, Adviser.

The only way I can see to do it in 4 with a notable amount of money without just being a rich noble is to go City Born, Apprentice Artisan, Artisan, Leads to Court, Adviser. That gets you 75-95 resource points depending on how long you choose for Adviser.

I’m not talking about the Advisor lifepath, more about the general idea/station at court

Born Noble, Courtier, Merchant, Magnate.

thank you Luke

Does this LP sequence fit your concept?

City born, money lender, banker, leads to noble court, courtier

105 RPs and penny-wise

Penny-wise is a killer trait.

Just an editing question, why call this TRAIT penny-WISE (that would suggest it being a wise)?

Edit : Bribing someone, would that be Ressources vs. Ob or Ressources vs. Will ?

Probably depends on whether or not the person thinks they accept bribes.

The City equivalent is Municipal Minister, or something along those lines.

I think it derives from an American idiomatic phrase “Penny wise, pound foolish.”

So you mean it has nothing to do with the clown? :wink:

Wouldn’t this have deeper roots in the UK, being that their currency is the pound?

You can get to Advisor to the Court in four lifepaths and have Moneylender, but I can’t see a way to do it with Banker. City Born, Moneylender, Lead to Outcast, Thinker, Lead to Court, Advisor

I think of the Village setting as the Town setting, myself. In period, a village is a place inhabited by unfree peasants.

Indeed. I stand corrected.

But a LOT of American sayings come from our former colonial masters/brothers/sisters. Many. Most. The majority. Really. Don’t forget, the American colonies used “colonial money” for quite a bit of its pre-history, and a little bit after its independence (if I remember correctly, lots of things were considered legal tender for a while, with the dollar only getting truly used universally around the 1860s; many of the currencies in the US were called pounds by the way).

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_dollar#History

There is plenty of evidence that the US dollar was dominant in the states from about 1812 onward, even by 1800. The issue in the 1860’s was one of rebs issuing, state by state, their own dollars, while the union remained mostly on federal monies.

Still, through the 1830’s, I don’t doubt that most adults would still be conversant in £sd money.

Take it outside, my idiomatic gentlemen.