Weapon speed

Okay, cant understand weapon speed as it relates to and in the 3 fight volley segments. A poor quality spear has a WS weapon speed of 3. So can the player strike 3 times with the spear in the first volley? Or is it 3 times during the whole 3 volley segment of the fight, meaning 1 strike in each volley?
Also the knife with x speed, how do you know when to stop using the weapon if its uncountable? Like 5 strikes, 10 strikes, 20 strikes per use?

Hi @Jamesbond7.

Weapon Speed is about how many Strikes (or Great Strikes) you can perform in a row (p466 & 467).

Regardless of how many Actions you get over the 3 Volleys of an Exchange, if you have a spear with Weapon Speed 3, you can only perform 3 Strike/Great Strike actions before having to do something else.

“Something else” can be anything other than Strike or Great Strike.

So I can Strike-Strike-Strike-Block / Strike-Strike-Avoid-Strike-Strike-Strike-Block / etc.

Provided I script something to break up my flow of Strikes, I’m good.

A knife with Weapon Speed X can be used all day and all night for Strikes - you’re not obliged to take a breather and script something else.


Does ‘block and strike’ count as a strike action? Also the same for ‘lock and strike’?

Also now thinking about it, I’d be tempted to run weapon speed as number of strike type actions, so a great strike would be 2 (though then needing to modify how WS 1 works). Maybe this is too harsh though as you already have the first vulnerable action for great strike.



I seem to recall Thor liking the idea of Weapon Speed limiting the number of strikes that could be scripted in the exchange at all, rather than consecutively, but they went the other way.


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