Weapons come with power packs, right?

There are several weapons listed on p. 517 with “Power Pack” under “Ammo” (i.e. Jack Laser, Assault Laser, Heavy Laser, Fusor, Effector). Obviously if you have Iron, you just plug them in (Iron’s Fusion Pack trait, p. 545), no problem. But what if you don’t have Iron? Do these weapons come with some kind of miniaturized fusion reactor backpack that an infantryman can carry?


It comes free when you buy shoes for 1rp.

No, it’s the same as any other ammo type. You don’t need to buy a separate magazine for your assault rifle. So you don’t need to buy a separate power pack for your fusor.

Actually, if I recall a previous discussion of the topic, you’re actually better off doing it that way, because then when the pack overheats, it’s not overheating inside your Iron with you.

Cool. So I don’t need to buy the Enhancement advantage separately, to replicate the tech trait on the Iron.

Also, page 545:

If the weapon overheats, be sure to use the armored tolerances of the character to determine any damage effects.

So your Iron does protect you from its own powerpack overheating, and in fact protects you better than Anvil or ballistic armor protects you from a backpack powerpack overheating. The downside isn’t that you get hurt, but that you potentially kill your Iron.