Weapons in Conflicts.

I looked in the forum history for this I swear, and the book.

Wondering if the bonuses and not bonuses for weapons (Like the Warhammer’s +1D for Fight, -1D for Defend) are just put into place if you are rolling for that action, or do they take affect if you are also just helping someone in the conflict?

Only the player making the test uses their weapon’s stats. Everyone else just contributes helping dice if they’re still in the fight and able to assist (for example, you can help someone even if you’re unarmed if you describe how your action helps).

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(P.S. this game rules)

I hope it’s alright to piggyback off this thread, but I have some related questions about weapons in conflicts.

When exactly are weapons declared? Before or after everyone has scripted actions? It just says at the start of the round, so I’m assuming that means before people pick their actions.

Also, some clarification on disarm. Do you just disarm the person that has an action opposing your maneuver, or can you disarm any of your opponents? Also, it seems to imply that you can disarm then of any weapon they have, not just the one they are currently using, is that right? Also, can you disarm someone of their armor? It says it works on weapons, gear, and traits, so I’m thinking armor would count as gear, right?

Ohh good question.

From what I read you declare your weapon before you pick actions and after disposition is rolled. It goes over it on the “Conflict Procedures” check list on p.185.

Now when it talks about disarm on p.72 it specifically says “for monsters, you may render one of its weapons useless for the remainder of the fight.” So I assume that the monster, if IT does a disarm can either get you to drop your weapon, or maybe drop your torch/lantern if you are holding one, or maybe they do hit you so hard your armor loses it’s hinges and drops off?

This is relevant: