Weapons in Fight Conflicts


If a guardmouse wants to fight with two swords, one in each hand, can he? If so, can he set each swords’ Useful trait for a different action? Say, left hand Defend and right hand Attack?

If a guardmouse fights with a shield and a sword, and he sets the sword’s useful trait to Defend, does his sword and shield stack to add +3 to Defend actions?

Gah! I should have waited to post this until I read more closely. I see the answer to my questions on page 119 under Choose Your Weapon. Sorry for the pointless post!


I’m sorry, but would you mind saying what the book said about this? I’m joining a Mouse Guard game, and I want to know the same thing, however I don’t own the book yet. Thanks!

Sure, no problem.

On page 119, under the heading Choose Your Weapon, Luke explains that guardmice are free to carry multiple weapons - such as sword and shield or two knives. However, you must choose which weapon you’re using before you start choosing actions. You must stick with that weapon for a whole set of three actions. You can switch to a different weapon when you choose a new set of actions. You have to declare that you’re switching weapons before you announce your first action.

Have fun at your game and good luck!

Thank you!