First of all I’d like to say I love this games weapon system, but I just want to mention.

In real life one of the nice parts of an axe is the leverage you get with it and such. You don’t get that with a halberd… So why in the game is it like an axe and a spear?

Length: spear weapons should be somehow better against mounts. In real battle spears are so long, and heavy, it’s hard to use them efficiently unless you just point them at the enemy and run, (or they come to you), they should be more unwieldily in situations not including mounts then the game depicts. I realize there is short form and all that, but the fact is your carrying around all that weight…

Maneuver against a spear or a bow should pretty much always disarm them right? Regardless if you have knifes or not.

Just things I was thinking of…

I whipped this up for fun… I don’t think it would be better in game. I like it the way it is for the comical fun.

Axe: A: +1s, D: -1D, F: -1D, M: -

Bow: Can’t be used in close combat.

Halberd: A: -, D: -2D, F: -, M: -, Special: +1s to Attack against mounts, (replaces the -1D, doesn’t stack.)

Hook and Line: Can’t be used in close combat. Would be more of a tool.

Knife: A: +1D, D: -, F: -, M: -

Shield: Unchanged

Sling: Can’t be used in close combat.

Spear: A:-1D, D: -1D, F:, M: +1D, Special: +1s to Attack against mounts, (replaces the -1D, doesn’t stack.)

Staff: Unchanged

Sword: A:-, D: -, F: -, M: +1s

Mace: A: +1D, D: -2D, F: -, M: -, S: as before

What does “can’t be used in close Combat” mean?

You have to say I hang back.

There is no distinction of “close combat” in Mouse Guard.

I mean It can’t be used in combat. It’s purely a tool that helps doing other things.

“Because you have a bow you have the oppurtunity to kill the Mayor without him noticing you, Obstacle 5 Fighter test.”

ex. Like that.

My mouse likes using his bow in combat,

Halberds have a pointy end and a chopping blade, and a decent length for keeping foes at a distance. In a system that abstracts combat as much as Mouse Guard, treating a halberd as being so versatile as to be either an axe or a spear seems an elegant way to represent the weapon.

Japanese soldiers, both samurai and ashigaru, used a spear (yari) very nimbly and quite effectively in combat situations other than pointing at an enemy and running, or dismounting a mounted rider. There are other cultures that have done so as well, I am sure. It seems to me that what you are describing is a pike, and not a spear; in which case yes it would be unwieldy, and probably best to use as you’ve described.

Looking over your list, you seem to have removed a lot of the flavor of each weapon in addition to adjusting the stats. A couple of things that stood out for me:

Having just watched the Lord of the Rings again, I am reminded of how effective Legolas was in close combat with his bow. =)

In the comics, Conrad uses the Hook 'n Line very effectively in close combat. =)

I think the weapons in Mouse Guard are beautifully balanced, and personally I wouldn’t change a thing.

Spears have been used by infantry all over the world. Here’s some reenactment footage of spear and shield combat: