Weasel names

I need some names for my weasels. Ive only stumbled upon one name “Rampaul” and cant for the life of me figure out what kind of name that is. I.e where should I look for inspiration?

Ive named the weasel boss Rourkeham in my game and I kinda like it, but Im still lost. What to call the second in command? His queen (or whatever) and so on.

Help me out here please.

Canon-wise, I think the weasels are Persian-like. So maybe old Persian names?

Non-canon-wise, I used makie-uppie Aztec-style names like ‘Quetzal’copetal’ for the weasels in my last game.

The mice have Old English names, so if you steer clear of European names you can use anything. Indian-sounding names would be nice come to think of it.


For what it’s worth, I know it’s silly, but I use this site all the time for stuff like that. When you find a cool sounding name that means something that matches the weasle you’re bringing into the story, just favorite it and by the time you’ve looked throu all the names, you’ll have a good list of favorited names to chose from. I think it would be nice to tweak them slightly to make them sound more fantasy, but you could think up some cool stuff I’m sure.

You can also choose old English if you’re looking for mice names.

My weasels are also Persian powered. Sharuz is my big bad guy, and Ghazal is a female scout who was captured by the patrol. Anything central Asian would seem to fit with the visual theme of the weasels. The name Rampaul would appear to be associated with India.

Thank you all. There are some good stuff here! Ive found these names so far:


And so on…

Oh, and I forgot to remind you about Annivory.

“While they are a part of the weasel family, ferrets are looked upon as inferior and treated as second-class citizens by their weasel cousins.
Ferrets provide most of the labor for weasel culture, while weasels themselves are often warrior captains, leaders of a tunnel section, or bureaucrats. There have been a few stand-out ferrets who rose above their station to gain the respect of weasels. Most notable is Annivory. She was the chief captain in the Winter War and took orders directly from Rampaul.” ~Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game pg205

Check out her alleged picture on page 202.

Oh, and David will prolly have a lot more weasel names for us when he gets around to his Winter War series hopefully in 2011.